Students' Perspectives of Student Teaching and Field Experiences: Recommendations to the Program and to Future Teachers

Dr. Jennifer V. Rotigel,
Michael J. Bossé
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Field experiences for pre-service teachers are one of the most important components of any teacher preparation program. This presentation examines the roles of the university supervisor, the cooperating teacher, and the student teacher in the field experience. In addition, three primary methods of supervision are examined and related to survey responses from our graduates regarding their experiences. The ten-year longitudinal study examines the survey responses of students who have graduated from an elementary education program that is the result of a unique collaboration between an urban two-year community college and a rural university. Students in this program engage in three distinctly different field experiences, all in a culturally diverse, urban school environment. Survey respondents provided praise, criticisms, and recommendations regarding their field experiences. The authors have examined the responses and included information that may help faculty members in education to strengthen their programs and develop excellent field experiences for their students.

Keywords: Field Experiences, Urban Education, Elementary Education, Student Teaching, Collaborative Programs
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Students' Perspectives of Student Teaching and Field Experiences

Dr. Jennifer V. Rotigel

Associate Professor, Professional Studies in Education, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Michael J. Bossé


Ref: L05P1005