The 2005 Learning Conference will feature plenary session addresses by some of the world's leading thinkers and innovators in the field of education, as well as numerous parallel presentations by researchers and practitioners.

Garden Conversation Sessions

Main speakers will make formal 30 minute presentations in the plenary sessions. They will also participate in 60 minute Garden Conversation sessions at the same time as the parallel sessions. The setting is a circle of chairs outdoors. These sessions are entirely unstructured - a chance to meet the plenary speaker and talk with them informally about the issues arising from their presentation.

The Speakers

  • Manuela du Bois-Reymond, University of Leiden, Netherlands.

    M. du Bois-Reymond is Professor for Youth Studies and Youth Policies at the Department of Education, Leiden University /NL. She is member of several European research networks and has, together with other European partners/countries, conducted projects on the transition period of young people, more specifically their transition to the labour market. Other fields of interest are intercultural childhood studies and parent-peer relationships.

    She is especially interested in biographical research and new forms of learning in knowledge-based societies. She has co-edited several volumes on youth research und youth policy in Europe and has published widely in the above mentioned fields. She has done work for the Council of Europe and is board member of several international journals, among them YOUNG and Journal of Youth Studies.
  • Thomas S. Popkewitz, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.

    Thomas S. Popkewitz, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. His research is about politics of knowledge as its relates to issues of social inclusion and exclusion in educational research, focusing on research paradigms, the changing terrains of knowledge about teaching and teacher education, and reforms in subject research, among other foci. He has also conducted national and international studies of educational policy, school reform, and teacher education. He is currently writing a book about the historical changes in the systems of reason that govern pedagogy and research.

    Some of his books are: A Political Sociology of Educational Reform; Power/knowledge in teaching, teacher are: education and research; Struggling for the soul, The politics of schooling and the construction of the teacher; and Governing children, families and education. Restructuring the Welfare State. His books and articles have been translated into eight languages.
  • Juana M. Sancho, Professor of Educational Technology at the Department of Didactics and School Management, University of Barcelona, Spain.

    Juana Sancho is professor in Educational Technology at the University of Barcelona. She is co-director of the Centre for the Study of Change in Culture and Education at the Scientific Park of Barcelona ( and co-ordinator of the Quality Research Education, Training, Innovation and New Technologies (

    She has participated and co-ordinated several European, international and local research projects related to educational innovation and change and the impact and use of ITC in education; and acted as advisor on various research projects in European, Spanish and Latin American institutions. She has been visiting scholar at the Educational Technology Center of Harvard University and Invited Professor at the UNESCO Chair of "Distance Education" at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil). She is co-director of the book series Repensar la educación (Rethinking education) published by Octaedro and circulated widely in Spain and Latin America. She has published a number of books and articles both nationally and internationally.
  • Daniel Madrid-Fernandez, Professor of Didactics of English as Second Language, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Granada.

    Daniel Madrid is a full-time teacher-trainer at the Faculty of Education of the University of Granada, giving pre-service and in-service EFL methodology courses for primary teachers. He has also given a large number of courses and seminars on TEFL. He has promoted and coordinated several students exchange programmes with European universities and has published a considerable number of articles and books on TEFL.

    He has also produced a wide variety of teaching materials for Primary, Secondary education and University students, and has directed and carried out research projects on the young foreign language learner, classroom interaction and evaluation procedures in EFL, the effect of the teacher’s individual characteristics on his/her teaching performance, the use of the Internet as a curricular resource, racial and social discrimination in the EFL class, etc.
  • Michele Knobel, Associate Professor at Montclair State University, NJ, USA.

    Michele Knobel is an Associate Professor at Montclair State University, NJ, USA. Her research interests include in-school and out-of-school literacy practices, and the relationship between new literacies and digital technologies.

    Recent books include the Handbook of Teacher Research, Alfabetización en la Época de la Información: Perspectivas Contemporáneas, El Estudio Crítico-Social del Lenguaje, and Maneras de Ver: El Análisis de Datos en Investigación Cualitativa (all with Colin Lankshear).
  • Colin Lankshear, Professorial Research Fellow at the School of Education, James Cook University (Cairns Campus) Australia.

    Colin Lankshear’s recent books include New Literacies (with Michele Knobel), El Nuevo Orden Laboral (with James Gee and Glynda Hull), Politiques d'alliberament: Sendes de Freire (with Peter McLaren), and Maneras de Saber: Tres Enfoques para la Investigación Educativa and Maneras de Descubrir: La Recopilación de Datos en Investigación Cualitativa (both with Michele Knobel).
  • Gunther Kress, Professor of Education, Institute of Education, University of London, UK.

    In the past Dr Kress has served as Dean of Communication and Cultural Studies (South Australian College of Advanced Education), Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and social Studies (New South Wales Institute of Technology, Sydney), and Assistant Vice-Chancellor (University of Technology, Sydney). Currently he is Head of Culture, Communications & Societies, London Institute of Education, University of London.

    Dr Kress is the author of over twenty-one books and numerous articles. His books have been translated to both Spanish and Italian. Among his best known works are Social Semiotics, Polity Press/Cornell University Press, 1988 (with Robert Hodge), Reading Images: A Grammar of Visual Design, Routledge, 1996 (with Theo van Leeuwen), and most recently Before Writing: Rethinking Paths into Literacy, Routledge, 1996. Professor Kress has concentrated his efforts on the question of postmodern literacy. He is especially concerned with the way children make meaning in the media environment of today.

    His current interests include The English curriculum; pedagogy; subjectivity; social semiotics; visual semiotics, semiotics of materiality/multimodality; representation and communication, i.e., "Literacy"; Media and Cultural Studies.
  • Kris Gutierrez, Professor, Graduate School of Education, University of California, Los Angeles, USA.

    Kris Gutierrez' current research in the study of the sociocultural contexts of literacy development, particularly the study of the acquisition of academic literacy for language minority students.

    Her research also focuses on understanding the relationship between language, culture, development, and pedagogies of empowerment.